Monday, March 1, 2010

Thinking, thinking, thinking .....

My middle daughter, Holly, is expecting her first baby on August 10th (secretly, Nana - that's me - is hoping it will come two days early, on her birthday).  I'm hosting a baby shower on Memorial Day weekend.  The date is unfortunate, but that's the way it works out because Cate's (my youngest and the reason for Holly's visit) high school is the next weekend (yes, two major events within a week).  I believe I would be skinned alive if I tried to combine the two.  Since, Holly's only going to be up from Big Assed, Texas (her words) for a week.  My hands are tied as far as timing goes. 

So Holly's coming up and her baby shower is the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  This is a co-ed blow out party!  Spouses, and maybe kids, are coming and I want something spectacular.  No finger sandwiches and allowed!  The planning committee is thinking bbq.  But I want cool bbg fare!  I'd rather skip the tired hot dog and hamburger route.  Any ideas? 

Here's the kicker, I don't eat meat.  Everyone else does, but I don't.  In addition, I'm also in the process of trying to drop 75 pounds (on top of the 40 I've already lost).  I'm hoping I'll be well on my way by then.  So, I'd prefer the ideas to be healthy as well. It's a tall order, I know.

In the interim, I've been taking classes on cake decorating.  It hasn't been easy with trying to loose weight.  I can tell you this, being up to your elbows in buttercream several times a week, makes you never want to eat cake, or at least icing, again!  She's going to have a really groovey cake, I hope!  I'll blog it, and the party, for sure!

Calling all troops for ideas!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well, the key to good vegetarian BBQ is focusing on all the brilliant summer (early summer for you) vegetables that are out there.

I would say have some fun with seafood for the meat eaters - it'll seem more eloquent and cost the same as a pork bbq, considering you're going all veg with the rest of it. Crab legs in a garlic chile hot sauce and smoked shrimp sound like a great idea and will keep anyone from whining about the lack of protein. Plus it'll let you experiment with smoking on the grill, which could be a lot of fun and useful for a wide array of vegetables.

With a few gratutious proteins sprinkled about, I'd concentrate mainly on making tons of freshly roasted/grilled vegetables with an array of bright sauces. Roasted tomatillo sauce on the grill a la Bobby Flay and portabella wine sauce. Yum!